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This is a press release by Element Logic. Download English or Norwegian version.

XXL Sport & Villmark is the fastest growing Sports Chain in the Nordic Region. The 1st of October 2013, they opened a new Distribution Centre in Örebro, to serve the growing Swedish and upcoming Finnish market. Without doubt, AutoStore was installed by Element Logic Sweden AB.


Easy decision

Both for 1st installation of AutoStore and EWMS (Element Warehouse Management System) in the old DC, and the 2nd in the new Norwegian DC established in 2011, the savings exceeded the expectations. Handling more goods, in less area, in a radical more efficient way, the cost of warehouse operations is reduced with more than 50%. Thus, XXL was convinced to continue the co-operation with Element Logic and installed their 3rd AutoStore;

“We are highly dependent on efficient logistics to provide our customers with famous brands to low prices. Our cooperation with Element Logic, including solutions as AutoStore and Element WMS, is one of the major success factors for obtaining highly efficient and low cost supply chain, and represent a superior competitive advantage for XXL. The decision was easy when we decided to install AutoStore and EWMS in our new DC in Örebro”, says Geir Nielsen, Nordic Warehouse Manager and Co-founder at XXL.

XXL’s new AutoStore: – 4500 m³ storing space (60 000 totes) in 1500 m² floor area – 25 robots supplying 600+ bin transactions/hour – Powered by EWMS (Element Warehouse Management System)


“World record in quick installation?!”

The decision of establishing the new Swedish DC was made in February 2013. To handle the extreme growth and upcoming peak season in 4th quarter  it was important for XXL to be operational at a record speed, requesting operation start October 1st, only 8 months after breaking ground. For Element Logic this meant starting the installation “as soon as the floor was ready”, and set it in operation parallel with the building itself.

“When we decided to establish the Swedish DC, it was important to get it up running as soon as possible. According to our request, I think Element have set a new world record in putting an Automated System into operation. World record or not, they only spent 2 months from start to finish, enabling our DC to perform at its best from day 1”,continues Nielsen.


Powered by EWMS

XXL has since the start used Elements WMS-module to manage the operations in AutoStore. With process and transaction optimization, efficiency is boosted, and flexibility maximized.

“Element has adapted and developed the AutoStore- processes to fit perfectly to our operations, enabling us to optimize the “AutoStore-tool”, including different picking strategies and an extremely easy and efficient inbound process. Actually, we have managed to exceed the pre-simulated AutoStore max system speed by 15%”,says Nielsen.





Satisfied Partners

Since 2009, Element Logic and XXL has worked closely together, developing and optimizing XXL’s warehouse performance, both pointing out the co-operating edge gained by both.

“An investment in AutoStore and EWMS from Element Logic is a guarantee for our efficient and low cost supply chain!”,concludes Nielsen.

“Element Logic is proud to co-operatewith XXL. They really appreciate the importance of competitive logistics. We are also grateful that they acknowledge our efforts in contributing to their supply-chain efficiency”,says Terje Skjølberg, Sales Manager, Element Logic.





Element Logic

Element Logic provides Intralogistics and Material Handling Solutions to Optimize the Warehouse Performance.

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Press Contact

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Sales Manager

Tel: + 47 916 42 746


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System Sales

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