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High performance storage system

Warehouses are not an end to themselves. Their ultimate purpose is to make every day logistics and distribution processes as efficient as possible. To achieve this, storage system should operate silently in the background allowing you to focus on the other steps in the workflow.
Optimizing storage solutions depends heavily on finding the right balance between performance and reliability. The overall performance of the storage system is defined by three factors: speed, reaction time, and availability.
The ideal storage system will therefore not only deliver goods on time, it will also make sure that special deliveries, seasonal sales, and unforeseen events are being handled without slowing down or interrupting regular sales processes.
Another crucial factor is system availability. Since any downtime and forced system maintenance have a huge impact on the workflow, the perfect storage system should provide a near 100% up-time with as little service personnel as possible.
The most efficient storage system will work silently and relentlessly in the background making sure that all goods are available wherever and whenever they are needed.

Time is money

The question is not whether machines or humans should run your warehouse. The real issue is what part of the job is best handled manually and which processes can be automated for quicker handling and highest precision.
The most efficient warehouse is therefore not the one with the highest level of integration but the one with the most intelligent distribution of operations between man and machine.

Always at full throttle

Even the most enthusiastic personnel cannot work with top efficiency at all times and expect to make no mistakes. As a general rule, the number of errors will increase with rising demands for speed and efficiency. The only solution to the problem is lowering the speed and introducing periodic rests to keep the error rate low.
There is a limit for the amount of personnel that can be at work at any given time. While more workers will – theoretically speaking – increase the speed of a system, it is the available space and the coordination between personnel that define the physical and logistical limit of the overall system.
Imagine a storage system that continuously operates at top speed; a system where everything and everyone works together in a perfectly synchronized workflow.

Intelligent placement

Sales volume varies greatly during the year. While the summer holiday may be a very quiet time with few sales, for many companies the Christmas season is the busiest time of year. In addition to these long term fluctuations there will even be noticeable differences over the course of a day, with strong sales in the evening and only little action during early morning hours. Add to this special offers and seasonal sales and it becomes obvious that the requirements for stocking and storage are changing constantly.
In order to streamline processes and provide the fastest possible access to the goods the perfect system would automatically reorganize the placement of items. Depending on calculated demand the most requested goods would always be closest to handling department.
Imagine a fast reacting warehouse system that updates and reorganizes the stock beforehand in order to provide fast reaction times.

Automatic optimization

Different items will always sell in different amounts. Depending on seasons – or fashion – some products will be bestsellers while others sell at a slower pace. Assigning each item a more or less random position inside the storage system will prevent it from being able to operate with optimal efficiency.
Taking the latest sales statistics into consideration when organizing the storage area, would require using resources to constantly reshuffle all items. Obviously, this approach would be time-consuming, labor-intensive and extremely error-prone.
Imagine a warehouse system that automatically places items depending on their demand. A system that keeps track with changing needs and adjusts the storage accordingly.

Instant performance boost

No one is immune to surprises. When the business is growing faster than expected or a sale is generating more orders than hoped for then a storage system that can’t keep up with the demand starts costing you serious money.
Expanding the workforce is an obvious solution to bottlenecks, but training new personnel costs both time and money. And what if the spike in sales is only a limited event? The window of opportunity might close before you have even scaled up your system.
Imagine a warehouse system that that can be scaled up in no time. A system that lets you add and remove modules as required and where every additional component works perfectly together with the existing system.

Imagine AutoStore – the top-performance warehouse system

AutoStore changes your warehouse into a high-performance storage system. All modules, from the Robots to the Ports, operate in one perfectly synchronized workflow where movements are efficient, accurately timed and where no energy goes to waste.
The magic of AutoStore lays in treating the warehouse as a dynamic storage. Is the summer sale coming up or will special offers create some extra demand? No problem, since AutoStore will pre-fetch all the necessary goods and make them available as fast as the orders come in. The system will even collate multi-item orders and deliver them to the correct operator in the desired order.
But it’s not only the special promotions where AutoStore shines. By design, the order of items inside the storage is continuously optimized in a way that often requested items are automatically placed for fastest possible access. This ensures the shortest possible picking time for the majority of requested items. All this optimization is done without any user or operator interaction.
And when it comes to scaling AutoStore is first in class as well. Modules can be easily added during operation and extend the existing installation. Adding an additional Robot for example is only a matter of minutes. This way you can react quickly on new developments and be prepared for any sales rush.

AutoStore performance advantages in a nutshell

•    Continuous optimization of storage area
•    Full synchronization between different modules
•    Storage area preparation for special offers and sales
•    Consolidation of multi-item orders
•    Fully scaleable system

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