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Nedre Vats, Norway AutoStore announce the signing of a distributor agreement with LG CNS, South Korea. The distribution agreement names LG CNS to become a distributor for AutoStore in the Korean market effective immediately. Click here for contact information


About LG CNS

LG CNS is a subsidiary of LG Corporation founded in 1987 that provides information technology services including consulting, System Integration, Network Integration, Business Process Outsourcing, and Information Technology Outsourcing. Originally, LG CNS only focused on computer engineering such as designing, developing and operating computer network systems for LG Group. Then, the firm expanded its target customers from LG Group to other private organizations and governments. LG CNS also focuses on global markets running worldwide development centers and has overseas subsidiaries.Currently, LG CNS “is Korea’s largest IT service provider and has implemented a number of large-scale public IT infrastructure projects and played a major role in the Korean government’s e-Korea initiative.”

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