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Nedre Vats, Norway, October 10, 2013, Hatteland Computer
Offenau, Germany, AM-Automation GmbH

Hatteland Computer and AM-Automation announced today a deal for an AutoStore automated warehouse system with the German EHEIM GmbH. EHEIM is the leading European brand for aquatics accessories with sales in more than 60 countries. This new storage system is EHEIM’s first AutoStore system and will provide the basis for future direct sales.

Former ventures with automated warehousing have been done with classic mini-load systems with stacker-cranes. But these systems could not fulfill the needs depending on the existing sizes and inside the existing buildings.

The deal includes an AutoStore system consisting of a storage Grid for 7,100 Bins, 10 Robots, as well as 4 Conveyor Ports. Once the system is fully operational it will be able to handle 300 Bins per hour. As is standard for all AutoStore systems, more robots can be brought on the grid and even more bins per hour can be handled in the future. This gives EHEIM the security that the warehouse system will keep pace with future sales.

About Hatteland Computer:

Hatteland develops new technologies that make workflows more efficient and stable. With a portfolio of unique products Hatteland has during the last 40 years become a worldwide provider of hard- and software systems for customers around the world. AutoStore is Hatteland’s patented fully automated warehouse system.

About AM-Automation:

The AM-Automation GmbH provides solutions for the logistics, automation and control technology. The company is a single source provider for innovative system from transport to manufacturing plants and the latest warehouse management systems.




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