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Some of our international distributors have come to CeMAT in order to promote AutoStore alongside their own systems.

We spoke with Rob Pauls, Sales and Service Manager for Lalesse, Europe. You find Lalesse at CeMAT in Hall 27, Stand H55.


[Question]: With more than half the show being over, what’s your impression so far?

[Pauls]: Until now we are very satisfied. It’s been a good week with a lot of attention for the AutoStore system.

[Question]: You were at CeMAT in 2011. Are there any differences between then and now?

[Pauls]: We expected the interest to be more or less the same as three years ago, but it shifted and now focuses even more on AutoStore. That’s good news for you, I guess…

[Question]: We had the impression that a couple of years back people saw AutoStore more or less as an exciting and interesting toy but not as a real competitor to existing solutions. Has that changed?

[Pauls]: Absolutely. In 2011 we had just recently become a distributor for AutoStore and were in the process of selling our first projects.Today, when people see that there are AutoStore system being used around the world they do consider it an alternative for to other systems.

[Question]: Have you taken some of your prospective customers to see the demo installation at the AutoStore stand?

[Pauls]: We have taken a couple of customers. Some who hadn’t seen the AutoStore in action yet, and others who had already seen one of our installations in the Netherlands.

[Question]: In your experience, what part of AutoStore are people most impressed with?

[Pauls]: That has to be extensibility. A lot of our customers are interested in starting with a smaller system. They have certain growth expectations and when things develop they need a system that can be extended according to the growing demand.

[Question]: Industry wise, where does you typical customer come from? Do you have a certain target group?

[Pauls]: Right now, we are focusing strongly on eCommerce.

[Question]: When people come to the AutoStore stand they all seem to ask one question…

[Pauls]: [laughs] How do I get to the bottom bin?

[Question]: And are they satisfied with your answer?

[Pauls]: We explain how the system works. Fortunately, we have some images to show the principle behind it and of course our demo system helps as well to get the idea across.

[Question]: Normally, AutoStore leaves the show floor to the distributors. It’s only at CeMAT that we have our own AutoStore stand. Does that help, or is it a competition?

[Pauls]: For prospective customers in the early stages it’s important to actually see the system in action. Customers who have come a few steps further have usually seen a system at one of our installations, so it’s less relevant for them. Nevertheless, it’s important that people get a feeling for the company behind the AutoStore system. Being present at the show helps creating trust for the product.

[Question]: Thank you for your time and good luck for the rest of the show!

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