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PRESS RELEASE :: Nedre Vats, Norway, Hatteland Computer

Hatteland Computer and EVS announced today a deal with the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) for implementation of the AutoStore automated warehouse system. CBR will operate two AutoStore systems to handle and store Russian ruble banknotes and coins.

The first installation consists of a storage Grid for 5,700 Bins, 4 Robots, and 2 Conveyor Ports. The second installation consists of a storage Grid for 5,300 Bins, 4 Robots, and 2 Conveyor Ports. Both systems will handle an average of 250 Bins/hour.

About CBR:

The Central Bank of Russia is headquartered Moscow. It was founded in 1990 but can trace its history back to the State Bank of the Russian Empire which was established in 1860.

According to the constitution, the Bank of Russia is an independent entity, with the primary responsibility of protecting the stability of the national currency, the ruble. It also holds the exclusive right to issue ruble banknotes and coins through the Goznak mint.

The central bank’s monetary policy tools are listed in the Law “On the Central Bank”:

  • interest rates on Central Bank operations
  • reserve requirements
  • open market operations
  • refinancing of credit organizations
  • currency interventions
  • setting of money-supply targets
  • direct quantitative restrictions
  • bond issues

The Bank of Russia is the main regulator of the banking industry. It is responsible for issuing banking licenses and setting rules of banking operations and accounting standards. The bank serves as a lender of last resort for credit organizations.

About Hatteland Computer:

Hatteland develops new technologies that make workflows more efficient and stable. With a portfolio of unique products Hatteland has during the last 40 years become a worldwide provider of hard- and software systems for customers around the world. AutoStore is Hatteland’s patented automated warehouse system.

About EVS Ltd:

The Saint Petersburg company “EVS” was founded in November 1990 by the employees of the All Union Scientific Research Institute of Television. The staff of the company (including 15 members with PhD)-managers, engineers, programmers, constructors, designers, manufacturers, having experience of work in the areas of outerspace, underwater and television broadcasting, successfully develop, manufacture and install high technology equipment and systems for banks, large power complexes, enterprises, offices etc.


  • developing and manufacturing technical security means (TV cameras of any implementation; different video signal processing equipment; various identification and access control equipment, including electronic safes for keys, multi channel devices for collecting data from alarm sensors and many others);
  • developing and installing complex, integrated security systems for banks, money storages, industry objects based on both our own and imported equipment;
  • developing and manufacturing devices and systems for controlling storage and movement of valuables in money storages or on any means of transport (electronic labels; programmators; hand held, group and wall readers, etc.);
  • developing and installing systems for money storages;
  • developing and manufacturing various banking equipment (devices for checking authenticity of banknotes, securities and documents; furniture for banking equipment of various models etc.).
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