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Everything under control

Warehouses are not just about storing goods. They are just as much about organizing and controlling stock. While taking a lot of goods and putting them into a warehouse is a straightforward process, organizing the storage and making everything accessible is a totally different story.
Even though warehouse management systems automate stock keeping, the actual items are still disconnected from the index. This lack of a physical connection between goods and their representation in the database means that there is no guarantee for database or stock integrity.
If you want full control over your warehouse and the goods inside, you need an intelligent approach that combines storage and stock keeping in one integrated system.

The basis for control

Imagine an integrated warehouse system that reliefs you of tedious stock keeping tasks and delivers all the goods to the right place in the right time. And how much easier would your life be if all the latest statistics were available with a single mouse click?
Assigning manual processes to machines doesn’t mean you have to give up being in charge. Quite the opposite: intelligent automation is the basis for full control.

Always up to date

Where people work, people make mistakes. Wrong items are being picked from the shelves or they are being returned to the wrong place. And the longer a warehouse is in use, the more difficult it becomes to keep an overview over the current inventory. Have goods been “lost” or have they simply been misplaced? Unless every single item is traceable it’s impossible to tell!
Stocktaking is another tiresome and time consuming process that can bring warehouse operations to a complete standstill. Since matching the database with physical items is often a manual process it is usually done only once or twice a year.
The perfect storage system turns warehouse information from a simple state description into a dynamic process analysis that covers everything from stock keeping to sales dynamics.

Synthesis of speed and precision

Time is money. The quicker the picking process and the faster your goods arrive at the customer the higher your profit will be. Picking errors and incorrect shipments on the other hand will have a serious impact on the bottom line. Finding the right balance between speed and precision is a tricky process that usually results in a compromise that neither achieves top speed nor 100% accuracy.
A system, that doesn’t have any margin for error would ideally exclude the possibility for mistakes by design. Unfortunately, in real life scenarios warehouse workflows are full of ambiguities and provide plenty of room for error. Changing personnel, growing systems and a constantly shifting stock make it all but impossible to eradicate errors.
An efficient warehouse system combines speed with picking accuracy. It doesn’t have to fix errors because it avoids them by providing an automated fail proof workflow.

Safe and secure

Storing goods in easily accessible shelves may be easy, but it is neither safe nor secure. While a pallet of kitchen paper will most likely not be a major temptation, a box of high-end electronics or medicine may be a different story.
Not taking human nature into consideration, insurance companies and local standards often require that access to dangerous goods is controlled by different security measures. Unfortunately, restricting access to the goods provides several practical and logistical challenges.
The perfect warehouse system places the dangerous items out of harm’s way. It guarantees that goods are only delivered to approved personnel, and that restricted objects don’t fall into the wrong hands.

All you need is AutoStore – the warehouse system that gives you full control

AutoStore is an automated warehouse system worthy of its name. It automatically stores and retrieves goods, provides detailed analysis and makes an end to costly picking errors and wrong deliveries.
The genius of AutoStore is the tight integration of the item database and the physical storage area. The system always knows where every box is located and makes sure that everything goes back into its assigned spot.
But more than that AutoStore constantly collects statistical data: From the amount of goods being picked to the throughput of each individual Port. This way, stock-taking is not a single event once a year but a continuous process that can provide the latest inventory with just a few mouse clicks at any time.
The fact that AutoStore stores all goods inside a closed environment makes the system also perfectly suitable for environments where goods should not, or must not be accessible by unauthorized personnel.

AutoStore stock control in a nutshell

•    High stock accuracy
•    Full control over inventory at any time
•    Extensive statistics and real-time analysis
•    Fail-proof system for highest picking accuracy
•    Fully restricted storage area for increased security

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