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This is a press release from Alstef

BEAUTY SUCCESS, one of the main players on the cosmetic market and situated in Marsac sur l’Isle (dept. 24), has restructured its order picking process in order to support its growth (number of shops in France and development of the E-commerce), but also to improve the quality of service in the resupply of the products sold in the shops.

Beauty Success has chosen ALSTEF’s solution which consists in integrating AUTOSTORE® with about 10 000 bin locations. This will transform goods-picking from manual to goods-to-man. By installing AutoStore, the fashion company will go from four storage warehouses to one; dramatically increasing their supply-chain efficiency. ALSTEF designed their solution with AUTOSTORE®  since it is innovative and particularly adapted to this project (space saving, low consumption of energy, high rate of availability, important flows).  The commissioning is planned in June 2016

Hatteland, Alstef and AutoStore can celebrate its first installation in France, and to enter country number 20.



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