Welcome to the AutoStore Academy

This is the place to get all the facts about the AutoStore system. Whether you are looking for possible applications for a specific industry or simply want to know how AutoStore can help you to streamline your goods workflow, here you will find all the answers.

AutoStore’s key benefits are described in a series of whitepapers that give detailed information about the system’s possibilities and technical specifications.

AutoStore VdS Concept according to VdS CEA 4001

For AutoStore the VdS approval is essential. It allows us to sell our product with the certainty that it can be protected in an effective way. This allows us to cut short the planning period with customers where fire safety is often an important issue.

Same-day Delivery

Today, same-day delivery is on top of the agenda again. While last year next-day delivery was a powerful and unique selling point, 2015 may very be the year that same day delivery will become the new benchmark.

CeMAT Impressions

It’s been a busy week and the last day of this year’s CeMAT is fast approaching.
Time to have a look at some impressions from the show floor. It’s good to see that AutoStore generates a massive interest, and even better to see that our sales team is keen to answer all the questions that might come.

Asking the Experts

Missed the presentation for consultants and distributors? Come and get all the information you need in Hall 27, Stand J15.

Press Kit

Everything you want to know about Hatteland, AutoStore and then some… Available for download in our CeMAT press kit.

Status Update

CeMAT is approaching fast.

Our partners from BWS who are responsible for designing and constructing the AutoStore stand have now moved the building blocks from the factory in Poznań, Poland to Hannover.

Step by step and piece for piece the construction is taking shape, but with only 6 more days before CeMAT opens its doors there is no time to waste!

See AutoStore in Action

Watch the AutoStore system in action right on your PC!
The video was made using the AutoStore simulation software. The program is used to calculate the optimal system based on customer information, such as warehouse size, number of goods and the number of sales per day.

CeMAT check list

Proper planning is half the battle!
Here’s some simple tips that will help you get the most out of your visit at CeMAT 2014.

RamBase – A Special Guest at CeMAT

Meet RamBase ERP at CeMAT.
RamBase is the result of 40 years of business experience. This expertise has led to the development of top class enterprise applications that has become a platform for growth for businesses around the world.

Let’s talk about CeMAT

Helge Olsen is Director Sales & Distribution, AutoStore at Hatteland Computer.

We asked him about his plans for CeMAT 2014 and why he thinks it’s important that the AutoStore team is present with their own stand.

Behind the scenes

There is definitely a lot to do before CeMAT 2014 opens its doors at 10:00 am on May 19th, but fortunately the AutoStore team and our partners have plenty of experience when it comes to preparing a trade show.

Welcome to AutoStore

Come and have a good look!

There will be a whole lot of interesting things to discover at CeMAT 2014. Our latest line of AutoStore modules for example, some of which are completely new developments while others have been updated to become even more efficient and powerful.

Everything will be presented at our fancy new stand that was especially designed for this year’s show.

AutoStore at CeMAT 2014

It’s only 4 weeks until CeMAT 2014. And this year the show is more international than ever!

From 19 to 23 May more than 1,000 exhibitors from 40 nations will meet in Hannover and occupy over 120,000 square meters of exhibition space, making CeMAT one of the the world’s leading intralogistics shows.

Made for e-commerce

E-commerce has come of age. Long gone are the days when online-shops offered niche products to a handful of early adopters. Today, depending on the industry, up to 75% of all sales are made online. With two-digit growth rates, no business, from book shops to fashion boutiques, food stores to electronics, can afford to leave the online playing field to the competition.

Reclaiming storage space

Most warehouses are just a waste of space. While stacking goods on racks and shelves may be the easiest solution for your storage needs the “good old-fashioned way” also leaves up to 70% of the warehouse’s potential storage capacity unused.
Even today’s automated storage systems don’t address the biggest drawback of warehousing: namely, a total lack of space efficiency.

Top-notch reliability

When it comes to major investments no one likes to make a blind bargain. Of course, one can always rely on technical specifications and sales material to provide a performance guideline, but this sort of information usually only provides a rough estimate and cannot be used for reliable calculations in a specific scenario.
Another concern is the overall system availability: How much maintenance does the system require, how much downtime is to be expected because of maintenance or errors, and how much time does it take to get a stopped system up and running again?


The question is not whether machines or humans should run your warehouse. The real issue is what part of the job is best handled manually and which processes can be automated for quicker handling and highest precision.
The most efficient warehouse is therefore not the one with the highest level of integration but the one with the most intelligent distribution of operations between man and machine.

Ecology made economical

Can workflows be both ecological and economical? When it comes to warehousing the answer is a resounding yes!
Too many of today’s warehouses are too wasteful with the existing resources. Yes, storing goods in a large depot can be easy enough, but it is by no means the most economical way of storage. In fact, the smaller the amount of automation in a warehouse, the bigger the requirement for energy, land and maintenance.

Being in Charge

Imagine an integrated warehouse system that reliefs you of tedious stock keeping tasks and delivers all the goods to the right place in the right time. And how much easier would your life be if all the latest statistics were available with a single mouse click?
Assigning manual processes to machines doesn’t mean you have to give up being in charge. Quite the opposite: intelligent automation is the basis for full control.

Effective cost reduction

No doubt, upgrading or even replacing an existing warehouse system is a major feat: Goods have to be moved, personal has to be trained, workflows need to be changed. And the central question is always: “Will the investment be worth it?”
While most customers regularly evaluate existing workflows few realize that the warehouse hardware itself represents one of the largest potential for cost savings.